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Having a beautiful website and thriving social media profiles is essential, and they are about far more than making sure they are well put together and as functional as possible. Websites and media profiles live and die through their content. It doesn’t matter how well your site has been built, if it is full of poor content and images that don’t sufficiently sell and promote your products and services, it won’t be a success and certainly won’t entice customers.

That is why I am happy to offer a range of content services, from product photography and logo design I can provide whatever you need to make your web sites and social profiles even more beautiful.

Logo Design £50

zodiac logo design 1zodiac logo design 2Every business needs a visual flourish, and your logo should be an integral part of this. The rightlogo can give a positive impression about your business, and make it more identifiable to the public. At Zodiac I can assist you with the creation of your logo, whether you have a firm idea of what you want, or if you need to brainstorm possibilities to see what will work best in your business. Once designed I will provide files to enable you to use the logo throughout your business.


Stationary from £50

Alongside my logo design services I can also offer a stationary creation package. Do you need business cards? Custom letterheads to give your invoices and receipts a professional look? Zodiac can provide individual high quality designs in the correct style, size and format for you to take them away to print.

Design of a single business card and letter head temeplate starts at £50

Photography £25 p/h

Good imagery can change a site from mediocre to fantastic, they are arguably the most important content you can insert into your site or media profile. At Zodiac I can provide high quality photos for your business. Whether you need images to showcase your products, pictures of your premises, or examples of your work I can supply them. I will also provide a simple editing service to ensure all images look their best and are optimised for the web.

Blog writing from £25

A blog is a fantastic way of keeping people up to date with your business and for pushing people to the main content of your website, as well as helping your sites seo ranking. All Zodiac websites come with a blog module that is just waiting for you to utilise.

Although a well written and regularly updated blog can be an important part of your online presence I understand that you have a business to run and may not have the time or inclination to maintain a blog. I can assume control for you, providing new content on a weekly or monthly basis, ensuring it is always fresh and up to date. My experience as a journalist means content will always be well researched and written to a high standard.

Blogs are charged at £25 per article (up to 400 words)

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