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Social Media help from ZodiacHaving well put together and regularly updated social media profiles full of interesting and relevant content should be an integral part of the marketing strategy of every business. Social media can be your primary source of engagement and communication with customers and clients, and it can be the forum in which you give your business an identity to make others care and feel invested in it.

At Zodiac I offer a range of services to help your social media engagement, from high quality profile creation, to one to one training sessions which will help you plan and organise social media strategies and decide which networks to embrace.

Profile Creation from £30

I can create high quality profiles for your business. Whether you are looking to utilise Facebook, Twitter, or the likes of Instagram and Pinterest I can ensure your profile is built to a professional standard that affords your brand a fantastic first impression.

I will ensure all images on the profile are of a sufficient standard and meet the guidelines of each network. All written content on the profiles will be of the highest standard, ensuring that it is interesting and relevant, so that each client visiting your profile will be presented with the message that you want from your business.

Profile creation starts at £30 for an individual account and £50 for 2.

One to One Training £25p/h

I can offer individually tailored one to one training sessions which will be customised to your requirements. They can be aimed both at those completely new to social media as well as those more comfortable with it.

These sessions will offer training based on your choice of networks, from setting up high quality profiles, to deciding on engagement and interaction strategies. In addition to this network specific training a Zodiac session will also include helpful hints and tips to improve your every day social media use as well as suggestions for mobile and desktop software that can be utilised to make time spend on social media more productive but less time intensive.

One to One training sessions are charged at £25 per hour.


A Zodiac social media workshop can be aimed at either groups looking to be introduced to social media, or those looking to improve and enhance their use. Structured in the same way as my One to One training sessions a Zodiac workshop can be designed to focus on whatever networks are most relevant and useful to your business.

A Zodiac workshop is a great choice for an SME looking to better equip staff members, or even an enterprise agency looking to furnish new startups with the information and knowledge to establish their business on social media.

Please contact me to discuss requirements for a workshop.

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