Spending so much time working in and around social media I come across countless tools designed to assist and improve my use of various networks. Some are good, some are bad, and some I can’t really see the point of. So, here is a selection of my favourite tools for use (mainly) on Twitter.

First up is one I am sure most people are more than aware of, hootsuite.com. A social media management tool, there are free (for up to 5 social accounts) desktop, iOS and Android versions. It allows you to manage your networks from one central hub, iew your streams and monitor what people are saying about your brand. But it is the ability to post to all of your networks from this hub, cross post to multiple networks, and schedule your posts in advance that makes hootsuite a really valuable business tool. Using it could take a lot of the stress away from your daily use.

Next us is hashtagify.me a tool that can help you to work out suitable hashtags for your brand to use, and see what other tags people are using alongside it. Its analytical tools let you see influential users are utilising these tags and what day and time they are most frequently being used. This can be a really useful tool if you are relatively new to the world of hashtags or if you need to convince others in your team of their value.

Finally today is shtream.com a tool that allows you to track what people are talking about on Twitter in a very localised area. Simply pop in your search term and geographical location and you are presented with all of the posts using that term over the last few days. It is really useful if you are trying locate clients or customers in a very centralise area. There is an option to take up a free membership that lets you save results and send out special offers to these profiles, it is worth using just for its ability to perform a very localised search.

Thats just a few media tools that I use daily, I’m sure I will pick up many more over the coming weeks and months so stay tuned!

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