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So, this is the Zodiac blog. I apologise in advance for the achingly slow addition of new entries. Any potential clients I would strongly advise you to follow a do as I say not as I do ethos when it comes to blogs. Anyway, the intent of this blog is 4 fold. Firstly I want to use it to give notice of workshops that I am holding throughout the area. Next I want to use this as a platform to talk about the fun and stress of running a business. Thirdly I will use this as a forum to share hints and tips for your web and social media use. Lastly there will be posts about the music I am listening to at the moment.

It has been too long!

Its been a while. Sorry about that. Take this as a learning experience, it is incredibly simple to slip out of the habit of writing new entries. Despite stressing to clients myself the importance of keeping on top of a blog the tendency to constantly put it to one...

My favourite twitter tools

Spending so much time working in and around social media I come across countless tools designed to assist and improve my use of various networks. Some are good, some are bad, and some I can’t really see the point of. So, here is a selection of my favourite tools...

Next Social Media Workshop

My next social media workshop at the 5 Lamps in Thornaby is scheduled for Friday April 11 at 12.30pm. I will be covering the basics of how social media can be utilised in a small business. Areas covered include why you need to use social media, which networks you...

Thanks to the 5 Lamps

Big thanks to all at the @Five_Lamps for their lovely article about Zodiac on their site. All of the advisors there really couldn’t be more helpful and they really know their stuff, I felt much more equipped to step into the world of business and self employment after...

Welcome to Zodiac Digital

As I am a few months in now and it looks like I am not going to crash and burn I guess now is the right time to start a blog and welcome everybody to Zodiac Digital. I am a web design and social media company and am an ideal place to come to get your new or small...

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Would you a general quote for a website build, or a discussion about what features and functions you may benefit from on your website or info about social media or content needs? Just click the link and ask send your query.

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